China Daily hardware industry has entered the forefront of the world

Traditional channels still play an important role, especially in the two or three - tier market, playing a leading role. Distribution channels tend to be flat, the rise of a number of new hardware stores and big market, and some operators, dealers also established its own brand, and enterprise retail strategy conflict, development trend of the industry of traditional channels is characterized by large scale, diversification, modernization, centralization, internationalization and mainstreaming.

     China hardware industry circulation pattern is undergoing profound and intense changes in recent years and the next period of time, should be the main circulation and terminal channel cross operation condition, hardware market from traditional street hardware to Hardware Electrical City, now exhibition trade with the professional market. Hardware market out of a fast, professional development route. China's daily hardware industry has entered the forefront of the world. China has established zipper, electric shaver, stainless steel utensils, iron pan, blade, bicycle locks and other 14 technology development centers, pressure cooker, electric shaver, cigarette lighter and other 16 product centers.

     At present, most of these centers have become the pacesetter in the industry, some of them have become the world's pacesetter, and have achieved good economic results. China has gradually become the world's leading and exporter of hardware processing. China has become one of the world's largest metal producing countries, and has a broad market and consumption potential. At present, China's hardware industry, at least 70% of private enterprises, the main force for the development of China's hardware industry.

     International Hardware Market: developed countries due to the rapid development of production technology and labor costs rise, will generally products by developing production, only the production of high value-added products, and Chinese has a strong market potential, so more favourable for the development of metal processing export country.